At Atypic, we are truly passionate about our chocolate and only work with cacao growers who provide respect, care and love to their produce and the land it comes from. Our beans are sourced from farmers practicing organic growing processes and support independent businesses who follow ethical, sustainable and fair-trading practices. Nature has done its part to create distinct flavour profiles for each cacao bean source and we invest a lot of time bringing out these authentic cacao flavours.

We pay a premium fee for our beans which are sourced from our neighbours in the Pacific Islands, working directly with the farmers who grow, ferment, and dry the cacao we buy. We frequently visit our suppliers to learn about their process, visit the plantations and ensure the highest standards of quality and sustainability are met. We are also proud to participate in community events and workshops which have not only strengthened our partnership with the farmers but also formed great friendships within the community which is reflected in our product.


You can view the entire process in our open workshop in Melbourne. Preparing premium chocolate isn’t a mechanical process, it requires handcrafting methods at every stage to ensure the highest quality.

Only the finest make it in our chocolate. Our beans are sorted by hand so we’re only using the good stuff. We also separate them according to size in preparation for the perfect roast.
We bring out the distinct style and character of the cacao bean through time and temperature control. Roasting further develops the chocolate flavour, from fruity to earthy or nutty. This is where the magic unfolds.
Our whole roasted cacao beans pass through our winnower to be crushed, separating the beans from the husk. This leaves us with nothing but perfectly roasted cocoa nibs.
In over 48 to 72 hours, we stone grind our cocoa nibs between granite rollers, creating cacao liquor. Then, we add unprocessed organic raw sugar and select natural ingredients to highlight the cacao beans best characters. The chocolate is conched and within this time aromas are balanced, flavours refined and our chocolate is fine tuned ready for moulding.
We temper our chocolates and give them precise movement at a controlled temperature. We create the exact cacao butter crystals to give the glossiest shine, the perfect snap and just the right texture. Finally, our chocolates are poured into moulds and allowed to set.
Atypic’s creations are inspired by our stories, childhood memories and the simple things in life. Our entire range is built in our workshop with love, care and a passion to consistently evolve. As our name suggests, we always like to be a little bit different and push the boundaries to create products that are truly unique.